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Adding value to your business

Looking for something new?

If you're tired of receiving support from one-sized-fits all service providers or networks, and are looking for a new approach, we'd urge you to consider Compliance First.

Through our strength, reliability and quality of service, matched to the needs of our Client Firms, we have the expertise and knowledge of the operations of advisers, to deliver a level of support that far exceeds your average service provider.

When we say that our support is tailored to your business needs, we mean that we will find the solutions that fit your business and its aspirations - where do you want to be in a year? In five years? In twenty years? Our service will help you to achieve your goals.

Delivering proactive business support

We are committed to the provision of business support which effectively enhances your business growth.

Our Business Support Team will welcome you to Compliance First and provide all the information you need to make the most of our relationship.

The Team will also detail the extensive range of Client benefits, taking into account your immediate business needs and those that may occur in the future, while agreeing with you how best to implement any agreed solutions.

Compliance First will respond to the challenges and opportunities presented by the market by providing effective and relevant support services.

Extensive technical support just a phone call away

The ever changing regulatory landscape has meant that advisers have to comply with more rules and processes than ever before, but our high calibre team will ensure that operating compliantly will not burden your business.

We are committed to the employment of the best talents available to support our Clients and I cannot emphasise enough the level of expertise which lies within this team. In addition to all the appropriate and relevant qualifications, as well as on the job industry experience, this team understands the needs of financial advisers and their businesses and provide excellent technical assistance through sound and considered advice.