The most focussed, client-centric adviser buy out solution in the market.

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In response to what we have seen in the sector and to what our Clients have told us, we have created a new service to help group firms to buy-out one another in a professional and co-ordinated way, ensuring the right outcome for both firms and their clients

Once you’ve emersed yourself in our world you will soon realise the value we can provide to your business. We offer solutions and support wherever you are in your business cycle. And when the time comes to realise the value you’ve built up - we offer Horizon - the most client centric big out program available. We help you to find the perfect partner to merge your business with or to sell. And we will support you to get the very best deal for you and your clients.

Horizon is designed to provide a service for firms looking to realise some of the value within their business, through either full or partial exit and for those looking to grow their business through acquisition. It is a solution designed for you, for your clients and for our profession.

Horizon Realise

Horizon Realise is a service designed solely for business owners seeking to maximise the value of their business, whether that be in the next six months, or over the next three years.

Whether you are looking to realise value now, or in the future, we will help you through every step of this important journey and then work to find you the right buyer.

Horizon Acquire

Horizon Acquire is designed to help businesses grow through acquisition, providing support from identifying the right target, through to completing the transaction and post-acquisition integration.

At the heart of Acquire are Wealth Holdings – a market leader with proven expertise in the acquisition market. Wealth Holdings can deliver a unique experience in this space – they have been involved in over 120 buy and sell transactions and understand how to create value and drive profits in an advisory business, particularly post a transaction, to benefit both buyer and seller.

Let us work with you

Whether you are looking to realise value now, or in the future, we will help you through every step of this important journey and then work to find you the right buyer.

For more information about Horizon and how we can help your firm realise its value, fill out the form below and a member of our team will be in touch soon. Alternatively, call us direct on 0141 616 4161.


I would highly recommend Compliance First. The transition from AR to DA was made very smooth and the help I received from Compliance First made this an easy transition. I went DA to have more control over my business. The network I was with were becoming harder all the time to deal with and I was worried that if they went down my business would go with it.

I feel more in control of my own destiny now and Compliance First have been there to guide me on my journey. The regular compliance visits have been a great help and also knowing that someone is on the other end of a telephone line when I need them is a great comfort. Spending less time on compliance allows me to focus on running my business and making it more profitable. I highly recommend Compliance First!

Phil Anderson DipPFS, Adv CeMAP
Phil Anderson Financial Services Ltd

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