SimplyBiz Investment Services offers you Centra,
a complete investment solution.



A complete CIP, designed and delivered by SimplyBiz Investment Services, or your own CIP, designed and built for you by our experts.

Complete, ready-to-use, CIP

Clear, robust process for investment selection

All CIP documentation provided

Consultancy team help to build and implement

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The complete centralised investment process is backed by an expert, independent investment committee, working for you.

Leading industry expertise

Strategic asset allocation creation

Review and assessment of investment

Performance of funds and models

Quarterly reporting

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Three way integrated fund, tax wrapper and product research.


Model Portfolios and DFMs


Tax wrappers

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Planning and research leads to integrated Suitability Report creation.

Suitability reports designed by SimplyBiz experts

Clear charts and summaries

Audit trail

Seamless link with Intelliflo back office

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Service and

A dedicated, passionate, team at your disposal to help you implement Centra within your business.

Dedicated helpdesk

Workshops and online help

One-to-one implementation of core CIP

Consultancy to document and build bespoke CIP

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Powerful financial planning at your fingertips, with all processes designed and approved by SimplyBiz compliance experts.

Choice of risk profilers

Capacity for loss

Retirement modelling

Goals based planning, including income

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Having the right technology behind you is a given, but it is just as important to ensure that technology works seamlessly with your business and does not itself become a burden.

Introducing Centra - Designed by advisers, for advisers

Centra is SimplyBiz's market-leading end-to-end financial planning tool which seamlessly encapsulates risk profiling, research, and suitability reporting into one easy to use system. Powered by Defaqto, Centra is a true one-stop solution for advisers and what’s more - we provide this complimentary for our Clients.

Continuing development

Technology doesn’t stand still and that’s the same for Centra, continually developing. In 2020 alone, we added ESG reviews, DC Pension Switching tool, video conferencing and Defaqto's new ATR questionnaire.

ESG reviews

Over the past few years, the demand for ESG investments has grown significantly. As a result, advisers need access to reliable and credible ESG fund research. We have launched ESG Reviews in Centra to provide you with an easy way to access the data you need.

DC Pension Switching

Our DC Pension Switching Tool is available as an additional module in Centra and harmoniously integrates with the rest of your advice process and Intelligent Office. You’ll benefit from consistent methodology across various stages in the process and a robust audit trail, providing you with even greater time saving efficiencies and compliance benefits.

Video conferencing

Deliver digital advice with Centra’s integrated video conferencing solution enhancing your sustainability and client relationships by giving clients a choice in how they interact with you.

Financial Planning and Research

A choice of risk profiling questionnaires with goal based financial planning. Complete three-way integrated research, incorporating investment, tax wrapper and platform research.

Suitability reports

Create compliant and concise suitability reports that are backed by our trusted regulatory experts.

Client Reviews

Our simple review process allows you to review client goals, existing holdings and document on-going suitability with ease.

Join over 3,800 advisers who are already using Centra

“Centra is standardising our reports, presenting different solutions in a similar style, while providing a consistent audit trail…We believe the greatest value to the business will be annual reviews. Centra will reduce considerably the time taken to construct these annual reports and improve content.” – Ian Brough, CHN Financial Consultancy

“When it comes to things like attitude to risk, just being able to email the questionnaire out to clients has had a significant impact on response rates. It’s great to know that they’re also finding benefits to using the system.” - Keith Jackson, Allied Financial Services.

“As a business owner, if something saves me time, I am more competitive and more profitable; using Centra gives me that edge. I’m particularly happy whenever I see the Centra system still developing and, happily, it never stops.” - Andrew Bastow, Bastow & Co Independent Financial Advice

Want to find out more?

If you’d like to find out more about how Centra can help you to deliver high-quality advice in a way which is compliant and efficient, please complete the form below.

Alternatively, call us on 0141 433 8214 and a member of the team will be happy to arrange a virtual chat with you.