Compliance First help you chart a road to a brighter future

Reduce risk, reduce costs, and enhance your client offering - Compliance First have everything you need to support success both now and into the future.

Would you like to enhance your client solutions, increase efficiencies, and build value for your future? Then talk to Compliance First about our multi award-winning support today.

Many small advice firms are starting to count the cost of the past 18 months and, indeed, the costs to continue to run a business today, with increasing regulatory costs and the need to invest in a future-proof infrastructure.

With Compliance First, you could be looking at a brighter future.

At Compliance First, we know direct authorisation better than anyone, after all, we’ve been supporting firms for over 20 years. What’s more, we understand the challenges firms are currently facing with regulatory pressures, efficiencies and dealing with the aftermath of the pandemic. As such we are helping more firms than ever to manage those challenges and to seize the opportunities available to them.

We can help you to de-risk your business and reduce your costs whilst building value for the future and all without compromising – – maybe it’s time to take a look at Compliance First, you may be surprised.

Tools and Technology

Are you paying lots of suppliers? There's no need with Compliance First, we have all your technology needs under one roof. Having the right technology behind you is now a given, but it is just as important to ensure that technology works seamlessly with your business and does not itself become a burden. We provide market leading solutions as part of your membership fee and you won’t be on your own, we have more support to help with adoption and use than ever before.

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Bespoke Compliance

Our support is designed to help you spend less of your valuable time on compliance processes and more with your clients and growing your business; that’s why we’ll always talk to you about compliance in plain English and tell you exactly what regulation or policy change means for you and your clients, and what you need to do. We provide comprehensive support from help desks to compliance events, guidance, and thorough operating documents. There is also availability to much more, as, and when you may need it.

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Events and Development

We offer the largest event programme of its kind, with a mix of face to face and a comprehensive virtual programme, which has proved invaluable during recent times. There is a wide breadth of events available to suit all needs. Plus, we offer a leading learning platform and additional training and knowledge programme and training sessions.

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Growth Propositions

You are committed to providing your clients with the very best service, so we offer a relevant selection of propositions to help. As part of your membership fee, we offer comprehensive Investment Services, providing you access to expert research, market leading planning tools and dedicated investment support. For the areas which you do not wish - or are not qualified - to advise upon, we created a one-stop referral solution, SimplyRefer. And if you’re looking at ways to engage your clients, then MyMarketing is perfect – whether you’re a total beginner and looking to make the first step into marketing your business, or you have big plans you need marketing support to realise, we’ve got a range of solutions and guidance to help. There is also additional training available to help you widen your proposition.

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Once you’ve emersed yourself in our world you will soon realise the value we can provide to your business. We offer solutions and support wherever you are in your business cycle. And when the time comes to realise the value you’ve built up – we offer Horizon – the most client centric big out program available. We help you to find the perfect partner to merge your business with or to sell. And we will support you to get the very best deal for you and your clients.