Becoming Directly Authorised

Considering direct authorisation?

Migrate to a better future;

become directly authorised

Feeling constrained by your network? Spiralling fees? Threat of

a restricted non-tailored model? Heavy-handed supervision?

Charter a course for freedom with Compliance First.

As a member of a network, you have considered, or indeed may now be considering, if direct authorisation is the right option for you. We appreciate that prospect can be overwhelming - but this need not be the case.

Why directly authorised?

The simple answer is that it will give you more control over your business and of course, you will get to keep more of the income you earn!

For many firms, network membership has been the right choice for their business, but over time, more and more have looked to Direct Authorisation, as their requirements no longer align with their hosts. Going DA gives you the flexibility to decide what products and systems to use based on when you need them.

• More control

• More revenue

• More support

We've worked with our Clients to develop a formula that offers complete control of your business as a directly authorised firm, whilst receiving the compliance and business support of a professional and proficient organisation, supporting you in every aspect of your business. As a support service provider, we don't interfere in the way our Clients run their businesses, but instead ensure they have access to all the advice, tools and resources they need to be compliant and successful.

Make the Journey

No one knows the route better than we do - and no one provides support to more directly authorised firms than we do. Our expert team can guide and support you every step of the way and we will even help with your application to the FCA.

So, relax, spread your wings, and let us take care of everything.

Our Business Development team will assist you in completing your FCA application to the highest specification ensuring the process is as smooth as possible. You can use our online tracking facility to monitor the status of your application and contact your Business Development Manager at any time to discuss the progress of your application.

Enhanced support, as and when you need it.

As part of the UK’s largest supporter of directly authorised advisers, nobody can match the

breadth of expertise and support that we offer – and we keep winning awards to prove that!

We have an expansive team of over 500 with over 50 based in Glasgow who are all dedicated to supporting the firms that we serve.

Going DA with Compliance First, doesn’t mean a reduction in service, more that you will have the freedom to choose, as and when you need, from our comprehensive range of enhanced support for:

• Regulatory support

Our support is designed to help you spend less of your valuable time on compliance processes and more with your Clients. We help you to create efficiencies in your business to allow you that time.

• Learning and development

Access to the largest events programme in the industry, with over 500 face to face and virtual events covering a whole host of learning and insight

• Technology and digital support 

There are many demands that come with running an adviser firm, that’s why we know it’s crucial you have access to quality business solutions.

• Proposition support

We offer a relevant selection of propositions to help you provide your clients the best service, whether you choose to advise, refer or outsource.

We are committed to ensuring our Clients have the right support and tools at their disposal. We won’t tell firms what to use, we will simply provide a selection of market-leading solutions and access to a highly experienced team to call upon as and when they are required.

To find out if direct authorisation is suitable for you contact one of our experienced team for an informal chat on 0141 433 8214.

Click here for your guide to becoming directly authorised.